Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My three highlights of year 8 camp

My first highlight was the geysers but it was a bit smelly as well. It was my number one highlight because i really liked it when it exploded and some of them were very deep and smoking. There were some kind of green liquid that looks like acid. There were a lot of geysers my favourite ones were the ones with the hot steaming water because some parts of it were really colourful.


My second highlight of year 8 camp was the sheep show. It was my second favourite because it was really funny and entertaining. Especially when the one of the sheep was waving at us. The other cool thing there was when we got to pet and feed the baby sheep and hold the bunnies. I was a bit scared.

My third highlight at Year 8 camp was swimming at the beach because there were some really big waves and I swam under it. It was also raining, Mostly I like to have a swim at the beach when it rains. We were also playing a game of touch so it was really fun.

(sorry no pics)

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