Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My three highlights of year 8 camp

My first highlight was the geysers but it was a bit smelly as well. It was my number one highlight because i really liked it when it exploded and some of them were very deep and smoking. There were some kind of green liquid that looks like acid. There were a lot of geysers my favourite ones were the ones with the hot steaming water because some parts of it were really colourful.


My second highlight of year 8 camp was the sheep show. It was my second favourite because it was really funny and entertaining. Especially when the one of the sheep was waving at us. The other cool thing there was when we got to pet and feed the baby sheep and hold the bunnies. I was a bit scared.

My third highlight at Year 8 camp was swimming at the beach because there were some really big waves and I swam under it. It was also raining, Mostly I like to have a swim at the beach when it rains. We were also playing a game of touch so it was really fun.

(sorry no pics)

My Opinion On Netbooks

My netbook helps me learn more because I understand more online. I can learn things myself. For example if I don't know how to fix something I can just Google search it and I won't have to bother anyone.

We don't just learn from our teachers. We mostly do our learning online. There are many different websites that helps us learn better. They are amazing from what I believe. My results are much better than when I used to use just ordinary books.

I have learnt a lot of things myself with the help of the internet and one them was how to bake a cake. Well my wanted to learn so I just learnt it as well. We didn't really know the recipes so we looked online and got it.

The special thing that I learnt from my teacher was how to be a purple cow. A lot of you may not know what a purple cow means. It means to stand out from the rest and it means to do better than your best.

The significant thing that I have learnt was how to use I movie. My friend Anthony taught me how to use thesaurus. Thesaurus is a website that helps you learn more about words that you don't know about.I once created a D.L.O using I Movie to help our school learn a karakia called Ki Nga Ho.

I have grown a lot in my key competencies when I started to use a netbook. I can manage myself
because when my teacher gives me a task to do I can do it faster and better because when I use Google docs it corrects the wrong words. I am more confident than I used to be before. I didn't know that very things that I know now. 

I love working with netbook.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the greatest man in the world. He changed the world and made it an awesome place for millions of people. He created democracy between coloured and white people. Nelson Mandela went to prison for 27 years for believing that there is no racism, for believing that there is no separation between coloured and white people.

Nelson Mandela was born in july 18th 1918 in a small village of Mvezo to a chief named Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa. His dad named him Rolihlahla. He was the first one of his family to attend a school. At school his teacher couldn’t pronounce his name properly so she named him Nelson.

While attending Fort Hare University (studying for Bachelor of Arts Degree) he met two men who eventually became close friends. One was Oliver Tambo and the other was Kaiser “K.D” Matanzima. Matanzima was in line to be the king of Transkei.

Mandela did not finish his degree at that time. After a year he became involved with a student boycotting university policies. Perhaps this was his first outward record on political activism.
Sadly, He was ordered to leave Fort Hare University.

A while after this Mandela had refused an arranged marriage and ran away to Johannesburg. there he found a job as a guard at a mine, but was fired when they found out he was a royal runway. He then worked as a clerk and finished his degree At University of South Africa. From there he moved to University Witwatersrand to study Law. While studying there he met 3 people who were like him who didn’t want seperation. They were Harry schwarz, Joe Slovo and Ruth First.

This young Nelson Mandela was an intelligent boy born into royalty. He understood the meaning of equality and had the opportunity to be well educated. He took up those opportunities and used his knowledge, intelligence and beliefs to fight for equality and justice for not only south Africans but people everywhere.       

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Top Three Highlights Of Pt England School 2013

My best highlight of 2013 would have to be the "Waitangi Launch (Our Nations Children)." Because when we arrived there, there was Maori television and One News filming us. Also Andrew Anderson was there the guy who directed and produced "Shrek and Narnia," I even got his autograph. The best thing was that the governor general was there, it was a great honour meeting him and all the others. The food was spectacular, I loved it a lot.

My second highlight was The Waitangi Trip. The best thing there was the powhiri experience it felt like I was travelled back in time into the olden ages of the Maori time. It was really inspiring. Staying at the Copthorne Hotel, the food was very very delicious and the rooms were cool because we had sky. The
other inspiring thing was the educational experience with Mrs Brown.
Powhiri welcoming ceremony
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My third highlight of the year was "sixty the quest." I loved it because I was part of the show with some of the kids from my class. In our part we used lights around our body and glowing masks and we did our show in the dark so it was really cool. It was one of the best.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mihi Mihi

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

kua hui mai nei
who have gathered here

ki tenei wahi
to this place

ki te kawe mai
to bring

te hari
the joy

ki te ako i te reo Maori
to learn the maori language

ki te mau mai te koa
to bring the happiness

No reira e te whanau o tenei kura, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena ra tatou katoa.
So therefore, greetings once, greetings twice, greetings thrice to the family of this school.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Raihan And Carlos Report Of Sydney Tragic Fires

For some time a forest fire has been shoot in west of Sydney. The fire’s have been going on since 14 the of October. Many fire fighters have gone and try to help, and many have been sent to the hospital of serious burns. The temperatures has been getting higher which means worser fire’s, and means more people getting hurt.

Over 200 homes have been destroyed and over 100 were destroyed today. The fire’s have killed many people. One man named Walter Lindner try to save his house but tragically died on his way to the hospital.

Fire fighters will carry on shooting tons and tons of water until every bit of fire is gone.
Thanks to all fire fighters for helping Sydney.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bruce lee

Bruce lee was one the best fighter in the world, he travelled around the world and learned lots of different techniques like tae-kwondo, judo, ninjutsu, but his main one was kung-fu. Bruce lee's real name  is Lee Jun-fan. 

Bruce lee was so fast he once broke five boards with a speed record on Hong Kong TV  Bruce lee was actually born in San Francisco, He was born in year of the dragon so he carries the blessing of the dragons. His ancestry is German and Chinese, his dad is full Chinese and his mum is German Chinese.

After seeing Bruce fight directors and film makers started to include him in their movies. In fact he was one of the best actors in the 90's. He has won a lot of champion ships and fights. 

Some people says that his wife killed him with a pill , others says he died in a fight and some says he got killed by sword that went through his body. some people also say he got killed by some sort of magical kung-fu monks that had powers.

I hope you enjoyed this history of Bruce lee (lee Jun-Fan) please write a comment.